The Homes, Inc. is a unique shareholder-occupied housing corporation incorporated since 1948, located near the Fairfax District of Kansas City, Kansas.  The community comprises 98 buildings on 84 acres, consisting of 345 units.  The units are in multi-family buildings and have one, two, or three bedrooms.  Stock in the corporation was initially issued when the company was founded and subsequent transfers were, and are, made between the holders of the stock and the purchasers.  Residents own stock which confers the right to lease a unit.  The price of a share of stock, which is set by the owner, varies and is based on location, unit size, and improvements.  The stock is not sold by the corporation, but by the current holder of the stock, but before The Homes, Inc. will complete the transfer of said stock the proposed buyer must be qualified for purchase by The Homes, Inc. Each shareholder has an equal voice in the affairs of the corporation.  To qualify as a shareholder requires approval of an application meeting certain criteria.  The corporation owns the land, buildings, and any improvements and provides maintenance for the buildings and grounds.
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The Homes Inc.
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